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Synopsis for "Birthright!"

Story continued from Marvel Two-In-One Vol 1 3...

Returning back to New York following their battle with the Black Spectre, Daredevil learns how the Thing saw who their leader really is, not a woman, but some kind of thing. Thanking Ben for the info, Daredevil jumps from the Fantasticar and swings to the ground below. Along the way down he spots members of the Black Spectre gang.

Battling one of their number, Daredevil knocks her out and removes the helmet and reveals, as he's suspected all along, that the members of Black Spectre are all women wearing padded costumes to conceal their gender. What Daredevil doesn't see, and isn't told until he brings the woman into the local police station is that she has a facial tattoo. There is he is told that they are going to be released due to the fact that they have not committed any crime that they can be booked for. Before they are released Shanna the She-Devil arrives with her pets to charge them with accessory to murder when suddenly the holding room explodes, and they realize that the members of Black Spectre have been rigged with explosives.

Aboard Black Spectre's ship, Nekra takes the Black Widow to their leader and he orders her to go to New York City and collect Daredevil, whom he intends to also make his slave. While back in the city, Daredevil calls it a night and when he arrives home he finds the leader of Black Spectre waiting for him. Unmasking the leader turns out to be the apish mutant known as the Mandrill.

The Mandrill explains his origins: That years ago a white nuclear scientist and a black cleaning lady were both working in an atomic lab when they were both bombarded with radiation. The radiation caused their children to be born mutants: The black woman giving birth to a chalk-white baby, while the scientists wife birthing a black child covered with hair. As they grew they continued to mutate and they were mocked and ridiculed by their peers. Eventually the man abandoned their boy out in the desert, and the girl ran away from home. They would meet and become friends, riding the rails and learning by stealing books and listening outside of classrooms. Eventually, an angry mob would attack them and this is when their latent mutant abilities to manifest would come into play, the Mandrill's ability to control others, especially women, and Nekra's strength and durability being fueled by others hatred. Realizing the power that they now wield, they would vow to destroy the institutions that caused them so much pain and misery.

Daredevil attacks the Mandrill who throws the hero out a window. As the two begin to fight it out on the streets, a crowd of onlookers begin to crowd around, and the police are called. Afraid to get captured the Mandrill makes his escape, and Daredevil is unable to track him with his radar sense due to the noise caused by the crowd and oncoming police cars.


  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Ralph Macchio, Gary D. Dimemna, Jonathan Burns, and Rody Miller.
  • This issue also contains a Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp Vol 1 51 Bucky Barnes.

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