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Black Widow

Appearing in "Death of a Nation?"

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Synopsis for "Death of a Nation?"

As Daredevil climbs up into the Black Spectre's blimp he watches in horror as it's minions succeed in knocking down the communications tower on the Empire State Building, sending it crashing to the ground. As he climbs up the rope ladder he is attacked by Nekra, however he manages to slip past her and get inside the blimp where he is immediately attacked by the Mandrill. However, Daredevil is ambushed by Nekra, who lands a knock-out blow that puts Daredevil under. Mandrill orders that Daredevil be tied up with Shanna the She-Devil and orders his minions to set a course for Washington D.C. As the blimp flies off, Foggy Nelson calls the authorities for help, however the military, Avengers and Fantastic Four are pressed down due to the fact that the Mandrill has stated that he has planted an a-bomb under Manhattan and will detonate it if anyone acts against him and nobody wants to call his bluff.

As the blimp nears the Washington capital, Mandrill leaves Shanna and Daredevil under the super-vision of the Black Widow. Lowering a giant effigy of himself on the White House lawn, Mandrill and his minions easily take it over and with the threat of the a-bomb under New York, the Mandrill is offered no resistance as he enters the White House and goes to sit in the Oval Office.

While back in the blimp, Daredevil manages to snap Black Widow out of the Mandrill's control by having her remember the old woman that they rescued from being mugged during Christmas Eve. The powerful memory snaps her out of Mandrill's trance and she frees Daredevil and Shanna. They rig the blimp to explode and then go down to the White House to put and end to the Mandrill's mad scheme.

As Black Widow and Shanna battle Nekra, Daredevil fights Mandrill alone, their fight taking them to the roof of the White House. There, the blimp finally explodes sending Mandrill into an attacking frenzy and Daredevil is forced to send Mandrill falling off the roof headfirst to his seeming death. Unable to look, Daredevil checks to see the women to see that they have both defeated Nekra, who was distracted by the explosion long enough for them to defeat her. When they go outside to check on the Mandrill's body, they find that it is missing, leaving Daredevil to wonder when the Mandrill will threaten mankind again.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Anne Grey and Reither Denscott.

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  • Mandrill previously appeared last issue and will appear next in Defenders #79.

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