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Appearing in ""A Quiet Night in the Swamp""

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Synopsis for ""A Quiet Night in the Swamp""

Continued from last issue... As Death-Stalker watches on, the Gladiator is about to lay the killing blow to Daredevil, but out of the Florida Everglades comes the Man-Thing, drawn by the emotions on the scene. The muck-monster grabs the Gladiator's arm, triggering a fear response in the crook, causing the Man-Thing's touch to burn him. As the Gladiator tries in vein to injure the Man-Thing, Daredevil revives and is shocked by what he is seeing on the scene.

When the Man-Thing takes notice of Death-Stalker's presence, the mire monster hesitates before attacking the strange costumed villain. However, the Death-Stalker proves to have superior strength and easily knocks the Man-Thing aside. By this point, Daredevil is back on his feet and attempts to land a punch to Death-Stalker's face, but much to Daredevil's surprise his fist passes right through his enemy's face leaving his hand numbingly cold.

As Daredevil continues his attack he is surprised to find that Death-Stalker can become immaterial at will and his touch causes the Man Without Fear severe pain causing him to black out once more. Furious that Death-Stalker didn't use his death touch on the Man-Thing to begin with, Gladiator yells at his employer who explains he wanted to get a measure of the Man-Thing's abilities, Gladiator contains himself realizing that he is in no place to argue with Death-Stalker unless he can learn the secret of his "Touch of Death" so that he might double cross Death-Stalker. Death-Stalker decides to take Daredevil and Richard Rory back to his hideout in order to see if they have any useful information before killing them and orders. Taking them inside Ted Sallis' old home they begin interrogating Candace Nelson over her knowledge of Operation: Sulfur.

While back in New York, Foggy Nelson paces aimlessly to hear back from Matt Murdock about his missing sister when the phone rings. It is the Black Widow who is looking for Murdock, although she is upset she feigns being casual in her call and tells Foggy to have him call back. Later when she hangs up she realizes that now that she and Ivan are homeless, Matt has no way to contact her. Upset over her stupidity, the Black Widow then swings off into the air to clear her mind.

While back in Florida, the Death-Stalker is convinced when Candace tells him that Daredevil and Richard Rory know nothing about Operation: Sulfur and absconds with her leaving the Gladiator behind to dispose of the two men. The Gladiator douses the house in gasoline and sets it ablaze and leaves Daredevil and Richard inside to die. Daredevil revives and just barely manages to free himself and carry Rory outside to safety. There, Daredevil finds the Man-Thing has taken down the Gladiator, and seeing that Daredevil is okay, the muck-monster shambles off into the swamp once more.

Daredevil then changes back into his guise of Matt Murdock, and drives himself Rory and Gladiator out to a location where they can be found by the authorities, and later when Rory questions what might have happened Murdock feigns not knowing what happened either. Contacting Foggy to reconnect, Foggy acts strange and is distant while on the phone, and asks that Murdock comes back to New York to discuss things further. When the call has ended, Matt realizes that there must be a trap as Foggy mentioned Daredevil being in Florida when Foggy could not have known and suspects a trap.

Matt cannot be too further from the truth, as the Death-Stalker has both Foggy and Candace hostage, planning on killing everyone who knows about Operation: Sulfer so that he can capitalize on it himself, Candace is furious at Foggy for "selling out" his best friend to the enemy.

This story is continued next issue...



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