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Appearing in "Death Stalks the City!"

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Synopsis for "Death Stalks the City!"

Daredevil has returned to New York City to find that Foggy and Candace Nelson are prisoners of the Death-Stalker, who is hoping to lure Matt Murdock into a trap so he can kill everyone who knows about Operation: Sulfer. Daredevil attacks Death-Stalker, who then attempts to flee out the window. When Daredevil follows after the crook, he is incapacitated by the villain's "Touch of Death", however before its effects can turn fatal, a beat cop happens upon them. When Death-Stalker turns his attention to the police officer, Daredevil revives and tries to nab the crook with his Billy-Club, however, the crook dematerializes and appears on a rooftop vowing that he will be back. Daredevil follows after Death-Stalker to find that he has lost all trace of the villain.

Deciding to revert back to his civilian identity, Matt Murdock, Daredevil pays a "visit" to Foggy and Candace. Untying them, he explains Daredevil's encounter with Death-Stalker, Gladiator, and the Man-Thing in Florida and how he just barely managed to save himself, "Murdock" and Richard Rory from death before coming here after he was tipped off by Foggy's phone call that he might be walking into a trap. With the whole story, Foggy is insists that they get the authorities over the phone, but in the end he cannot bring himself to turn in his sister.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, Ivan and the Black Widow attempt fruitlessly to find a source of employment so that they can stop living out of Natasha's Rolls Royce after her inheritance had dried up.

Back in New York, Foggy has agreed to hide Candace at Matt's hotel room as it would likely be a safer place for her to stay than a jail cell. While Foggy goes to explain the situation with the District Attorney, he leaves Matt to keep an eye on Candace. In discussing the situation with Candace, Matt realizes the potential value of Operation: Sulfur would bring: In creating monsters that are immune to pollutants, it could also make them immune to radiation and biological weapons - a boon for any enemy nation that might wish to purchase the notes.

Slipping out to try and track down the Death-Stalker as Daredevil, the Man Without Fear deduces that Death-Stalker would be hiding out in a chemical plant so that he can prove the effects of the notes. Sure enough, upon searching through the local chemical plant, Daredevil does find Death-Stalker prepping the plant with his minion Milo.

Attacking them, Daredevil leads the Death-Stalker in a fight to the finish which ends with Death-Stalker and Daredevil's Billy-Club being knocked into a vat of acid, the club destroyed and Death-Stalker seemingly killed. Daredevil then swoops down and knocks out Milo, knocking the crook's gun and Ted Sallis' notes into the acid as well, destroying notes to a weapon that Daredevil thinks that no country should possess, and destroying any evidence that the government can use to build a case against Candace Nelson.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Ernie Cormier, James Decker, Bob Rodi, Brad Oseland, and Bob Smith.

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