Quote1 It occurs to me there is a far more fitting fate for Daredevil than death! Quote2
-- The Owl

Appearing in "Two Flew Over the Owl's Nest!"

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  • Hackett (Death)
  • Ralph




Synopsis for "Two Flew Over the Owl's Nest!"

Continued from last issue...

With his Billy-Club destroyed, Daredevil rushes back to his New York hotel room with a grappling hook and some rope. There he finds Foggy and explains that he was mugged and the crooks even stole his Billy-Club in order to cover for his secret identity. As he is trying to explain to Candace and Foggy that the Death-Stalker is seemingly dead and the evidence regarding Operation: Sulfer have been destroyed, Matt gets a call from the Black Widow. When he asks if he can call back, the Widow angrily hangs up the phone without explaining what the emergency is.

A few days later after Matt Murdock has arranged to have the charges against Candace Nelson dropped, Daredevil travels back to San Francisco to see what the problem with Black Widow is. Returning to her former mansion home, he finds that she has been evicted and that new tenants have taken over.

Deciding to head over to police headquarters to see if Paul Carson knows where Natasha is, Daredevil stops to bust a group of crooks. When one of them grabs a little girl and holds her at gun point, Daredevil is hard pressed to do anything when suddenly the Black Widow drops out of the air and knocks the gunman out. With all the crooks kayoed, Daredevil and Black Widow embrace. This lets their guard down long enough for one of the crooks to make a break for it. Daredevil is unable to track him due to the noise from the gathered crowd.

The crook enters his employers secret hideout, who turns out to be Daredevil's old foe the Owl. The Owl kills his lackey and decides to deal with Daredevil before continuing his criminal operations in San Francisco. As Daredevil and the Black Widow are talking about her current financial woes when they are attacked by the Owl and a helicopter full of his gun toting henchmen.

During the fight Daredevil is scratched by the Owl's ring which is laced with a fast acting poison which makes Daredevil and easy defeat. When the Black Widow attempts to defend herself she is grazed across the forehead with a bullet shot from the helicopter and is knocked out as well. With both heroes unconscious the Owl has them loaded up in his chopper so that he can deal with them as he sees fit.

This story is continued next issue....


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Dean Mullaney, Jackie Frost, Mark Gasper, and Brian Earl Brown.

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