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Quote1.png Natasha... I'm leaving for New York. I need an answer: Will you come with me? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Mind Tap!"

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Synopsis for "Mind Tap!"

Continued from last issue...

With Daredevil and the Black Widow as his prisoners, the Owl is planning on stealing Daredevil's mind. Explaining it to the Black Widow, the Owl is hooking up Daredevil to an absorption machine that will drain Daredevil's mind leaving him a mindless husk. The Black Widow manages to break free of her restraints and blasts the machines with a widows bite, destroying it and saving Daredevil's life.

As Natasha fights off an army of the Owl's men she holds her own until the Owl threatens to kill Daredevil unless she surrenders. With no other choice the Black Widow stops fighting and agrees to do the Owl's bidding in order to his bidding. He promises to let Daredevil go if she carries out a single task for him. As the Owl is briefing the Widow on her mission Ivan goes to police headquarters and speaks with Paul Carson to see if he has heard anything about Natasha recently. Paul agrees to go along with Ivan to look for the Black Widow.

That night the Black Widow carries out the Owl plot to kidnap a woman from a nearby condo, the identity and reasons of which the Black Widow has not been told. Attempting to capture the woman, Natasha finds herself up for quite the fight, when the lights are turned on she is shocked to find that the woman she has been sent to kidnap is none other than Shanna the She-Devil.

While in New York, Candace Nelson is excited that the government is opening in inquiry into the Sallis Papers and that she has been named a star witness. Foggy is less than impressed because she broke the law and got away with it, and despite her good intentions he feels that nobody is above the law.

Back in San Francisco, Ivan and Paul spot Black Widow swinging across the city with Shanna and decide to follow them. The two women are working together to free Daredevil, so when they arrive at the Owl's laid, Shanna pretends to be knocked out while the Black Widow brings her in. The Owl does not suspect this, nor is he aware of how Shanna recently gained super-human abilities since he recently got out of prison. So when Shanna springs an attack the Owl is caught off guard.

Although they free Daredevil, the Owl unleashes a blinding gas, which naturally has no effect on Daredevil because he is already blind. He attacks the Owl head on, however the crook attempts to make an escape, leaving Daredevil to defeat him on the streets with relative ease, even without his Billy-Club.

After having a new Billy-Club built for him by Ivan, Daredevil and Black Widow meet on the Golden Gate Bridge, where Daredevil asks Black Widow to come back with him to New York. She declines his offer, wanting to be able to make her own and not wanting to have to rely on him to support her. Daredevil accepts this and the two depart with a kiss.


  • Daredevil's trademark Billy Club returns this issue. This model was designed by ivan Petrovich.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Scotr Norton, Mark Spencer and James Farmer.

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