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Quote1.png Daredevil is a danger -- and must be eliminated -- once and for all! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Circus Spelled Sideways Is Death!"

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Synopsis for "Circus Spelled Sideways Is Death!"

Daredevil is swinging through New York City when he spots two costumed crooks trying to rob an armored car. As he easily knocks the crooks out and leaves the scene for the police to collect the criminals, he is unaware that the entire battle has been filmed. The film is taken to the Ringmaster, the leader of the Circus of Crime, who believes that Daredevil will be a threat to his plans to rob all of New York City. With his new agent, Blackwing he gathers the Circus of Crime and orders them to go out and eliminate Daredevil once and for all.

The Man Without Fear meanwhile has returned to the District Attorney's office and changed back into his civilian guise of Matt Murdock. Meeting with Foggy Nelson, he finds his friend has become slightly embittered over the fact that for all the thanks he's gotten for being the D.A. for New York City is to get shot by some crook. Their conversation is cut short when they are attacked by Princess Python and the Great Gambonnos, who saw Daredevil enter the building.

During the scuffle, Matt slips away and changes into Daredevil and fights off the attackers. During the fight, he is bound by Princess Python's snake. In order to free himself, Daredevil is forced to push the snake's head onto Princess Python's electro-prod, killing the snake instantly. Not wanting to be caught with Daredevil at that moment, the three crooks make a break for it. As Foggy enters the room Matt has quickly changed back into his civilian guise. Foggy then goes over some notes about the Circus of Crime, and how he is suspicious of the fact that they have been acting almost too straight since their release and the addition of their new member of Blackwing. When Foggy mentions that they will be making a televised appearance at Shae Stadium, Matt rushes off as Daredevil before Foggy even notices that Matt has left the room.

As the Man Without Fear rushes to the stadium, the Ringmaster initiates his plans: Hypnotizing everyone in the stadium and watching from home, Blackwing sends out his trained bats across the city to steal from those who have been effected by the Ringmaster's hypno-disc. Daredevil arrives shortly after and makes short work of the Circus of Crime, easily smashing their operation. When it's all over, the police come to collect the Ringmaster, and Daredevil realizes that Blackwing is missing among the group. With the Circus of Crime in police custody, Daredevil leaves them to return the stolen money to it's rightful owners.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Alan Bradford and Mike Iacampo
  • In this editor's opinion, some of Don Heck's better work on the title. Colletta's inks on a classic one issue self-contained storyline give it a nostalgic silver age feel.

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