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Foggy Nelson

Appearing in "And a HYDRA New Year!"

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Synopsis for "And a HYDRA New Year!"

When Matt Murdock goes to meet the Black Widow and Ivan at the airport, he has to change into Daredevil and go into action to take down a group of terrorists that have appeared with guns a-blazing. Daredevil manages to defeat the attackers with the aid of the Black Widow and Ivan. Reunited, the two lovers quickly depart, leaving Ivan to explain the situation to the police.

On the rooftop of Matt Murdock's apartment, the Black Widow and Daredevil talk about their relationship. Natasha expresses the fact that she used to be so independent, and that she has become less and less independent since teaming up with Daredevil. Suddenly, to break up the tension of their conversation, Daredevil swings into his apartment and reveals that he has gotten Natasha a dress to attend a special New Year's Eve Party in.

Natasha is furious to find out that it's a party being hosted by Foggy Nelson, whom she is still angry at for putting her on trial on trumped-up murder charges. She is about to leave when Matt convinces her to stay. Foggy attempts to warm things between he and Natasha. However, this attempt is cut short when the party is crashed by agents of Hydra who are led by a man named El Jaguar.

Matt slips away and changes into Daredevil to battle El Jaguar and his men, whom he learns have come to kidnap Foggy. Although he is injured in the fight, Daredevil manages to gain the upper hand against El Jaguar, who is beaten to the point where he is fleeing the scene. Before Daredevil can go after him, he is stopped by Nick Fury who arrives with a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Learning that the Jaguar got away, Daredevil is told by Fury that the reason why Hydra is after Foggy Nelson is because S.H.I.E.L.D. is seeking to recruit him into their fold.

This story is continued next issue...


  • The letter page "Let's Level with Daredevil" features an essay written by Tony Isabella recapping the history of Hydra in Marvel Comics. This is continued in the next issue...
  • In this issue (as promised last issue), the Black Widow relocates to New York.

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