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Black Widow

Appearing in "In the Coils of the Copperhead!"

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Synopsis for "In the Coils of the Copperhead!"

After having a solo adventure with the Thing, Black Widow realizes that she wants to spend some time as a solo adventurer again and decides to leave Daredevil, telling him that she plans on coming back to him once she has found what she is looking for.

Elsewhere in the city, a costumed vigilante known as Copperhead has begun stalking the streets. Shooting and killing a purse snatcher. When a police officer attempts to stop him, Copperhead shoots him with a sleep dart and then places two pennies on the eyes of the crook he has gunned down.

While at City Hall, Matt Murdock pays a visit to Foggy Nelson who is having trouble with his campaign to get reelected as District Attorney. Unable to divulge his part in smashing up Hydra due to secrecy issues, Foggy shows Matt his next hope at winning over the voters: A crime computer that collects data from international sources so that the New York police force capture crooks. When Foggy shows Daredevil the post of his opponent: Blake Tower, Foggy becomes visible upset and loses his temper. They are interrupted when Foggy is told by police about the murder committed by Copperhead.

Matt, finding that the crime is a copycat of an old pulp magazine and that the killer has modeled himself after the character Copperhead, decides to do some investigating. Going to an old book shop, he picks up an old issue if "Copperhead Monthly" and finds the similarities remarkable.

Daredevil then goes to seek out the writer of the old Copperhead pulp novels and learns from his former land lady that he was murdered a few days before. While out on patrol trying to figure out his next lead, Daredevil comes across some muggers attempting to rob a pair of drug dealers in order to get control of the neighborhood rackets. As Daredevil fights off the muggers, the two drug dealers run into Copperhead and are executed.

Copperhead steps in and saves Daredevil from getting shot in the back, but when the Man Without Fear realizes that Copperhead is murdering the crooks he attacks him. Daredevil is shocked to find that Copperhead is literally waring a suit of copper armor, and is easily knocked out by the foe. Believing that Daredevil is no different than the common foe the vigilante pulls out a gun is prepares to fire a poison dart at the Man Without Fear.

This story is continued next issue.....


  • This issue contains a letters page Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Michael Verdrosa, Dean Mullaney, Ivar G. Anderson II, and Mike Coleman.
  • In this issue, Foggy jokes that Matt Murdock "is from Missouri". This is a joke about the fact that Matt doesn't believe anything without proof, and should not be taken as fact. Matt is famously from New York.

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