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Synopsis for "Vengeance Is the Copperhead!"

Continued from last issue...

The villainous Copperhead fires a killer dart at Daredevil, however the Man Without Fear's radar sense and fast-moving hands allow him to swat it away. Thinking he has actually killed the hero, Copperhead puts two coins over his eyes, departing the scene. Daredevil soon gets up however his immediate attempt to track down Copperhead comes up blank.

The next day, Matt meets with Foggy Nelson who is still confident that the crime database computer they are building will be the key to getting him re-elected as District Attorney. Matt is concerned that Foggy isn't doing enough to prevent crime. The conversation is cut short when the latest of Blake Tower's attack ads are aired, sending Foggy into another fury.

That night, Copperhead seeks out and murders Milton Wexler, the rights-owner of the Copperhead pulps who has been making money on the reprints. Later learning of the murder, Murdock investigates as Daredevil. Although the police send him away, DD sneaks in and snoops around Wexler's office shortly thereafter. Inside, he finds a safe containing a detailed notebook revealing the origins of Copperhead.

Daredevil tracks down Copperhead at the offices of the publisher currently reprinting the Copperhead serials. Battling, the Man Without Fear is easily overpowered and Copperhead escapes. Daredevil doe manage to track him down. Revealing that he knows Copperhead is really Lawrence Chesney, the son of the man who posed for the covers of the Copperhead magazine. He explains his father became embittered due to lack of royalties, going insane when the pulp stories began re-circulation. Before dying, he convinces his son to avenge him. In denial, Copperhead attempts to attack Daredevil. However, he is suddenly struck by a bolt of lightning and killed. Daredevil tosses two pennies that land over Copperhead's eyes...


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. A letter is published from Bob Rodi.

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