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Quote1.png Outside world is bigger jungle than Ka-Zar knows! Too much fighting! Too much hatred! All men mad! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Secret of Ka-Zar's Origin!"

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Synopsis for "The Secret of Ka-Zar's Origin!"

Continued from last issue...

Daredevil is unconscious and at the mercy of Maa-Gor, following a fight against Ka-Zar. However, even though his powers are lost, Daredevil manages to fight off the beast, while Ka-Zar and Zabu collect the powerful Ju-Ju Barries to restore Daredevil's powers. Just as Ka-Zar manages to defeat the man-eating plant, Daredevil is saved by the Plunderer who explains to him that Ka-Zar is his brother.

Back in the States, Karen is worried about Matt, and so she visits Foggy at the D.A.'s office to find out if he's heard anything, they receive a call saying Matt has been lost at sea. Back in the Savage Land, Ka-Zar returns to his cave, where the Plunderer shows part of a medallion, which Ka-Zar has the other half. When Ka-Zar refuses to give it over, his is caged and he and Daredevil are forced to go to Britain. The Plunderer drugs his crew but keeps Daredevil conscious because he believes he is the only one that can convince Ka-Zar to give up his part of the medallion.

Plunderer explains that he and Ka-Zar were the children of Lord Plunder who discovered a powerful ore which destroyed all other metal and so made the medallion and split it two, when the two halves were joined the Plunder children would be allowed the family inheritance.

However, when Plunderer sends Daredevil down to get the other half of the medallion, DD and Ka-Zar fight, although DD tries to convince Ka-Zar that they are friends. When Ka-Zar busts out of the cage they are attacked by Plunderer's minion Feepers who tries to get the medallion for himself as well. However, Ka-Zar escapes and DD follows. Feepers then calls in the Scotland Yard to come to capture DD and Ka-Zar, and use a missile to stop them..

This story is continued next issue...

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