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Quote1 This costume makes me a bit more willing to believe other people can also have special abilities. Quote2

Appearing in "Mind-Wave and His Fearsome Think Tank"

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  • Think Tank

Synopsis for "Mind-Wave and His Fearsome Think Tank"

This story opens with the Jester disintegrating the individual who has helped him smear Foggy Nelson in his quest for re-election as New York City's District Attorney. These commercials have also created unrest in the city with a wave of sensational TV scenes. Meanwhile, new District Attorney Blake Tower has asked Daredevil to meet and assist the mentalist Uri Geller and help solve a crime spree in New York. Geller believes that his nemesis Mind-Wave, who he have previously confronted in Europe, is behind some criminal plot in the city. Geller's perceptions tell him Mind-Wave will strike on Wall Street. Daredevil rushes to the scene to fight Mind-Wave and his minions. Geller also arrives and assists Daredevil with his incredible mental powers that can bend and remove steel bars from their moorings. The two defeat Mind-Wave and our tale ends on an upbeat note.


  • Uri Geller is a real person. More information about Mr. Geller is detailed in this issue's letter page.
  • This issue contains its regularly titled letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. In it, Marv Wolfman presents background for this particular story and his meeting with Uri Geller.

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