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Quote1.png I'd know that grinning hyena anywhere -- even in a new costume! That man's -- the Jester! Quote2.png
Foggy Nelson

Appearing in "What Is Happening?"

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Synopsis for "What Is Happening?"

Jester tries his darnedest to frame Daredevil as a murderer, and DD goes along with the plan.


  • The first three pages of this issue contain articles from the Daily Bugle. It has pictures of Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and an editorial from J. Jonah Jameson.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Michael Begal, Robert Offutt, Jr., Greg Stamey, Jr., and Peter Sanderson.
  • This issue does not contain Series "B" Marvel Value Stamp, but one was provided next issue.

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