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Synopsis for "Where Is Karen Page?"

Daredevil is stopping a robbery of a Cobalt device from the L.A. Science Institute being done by the criminal known as the Smasher. However, the crook proves too strong for Daredevil, and he is easily defeated. Smasher brings Daredevil to his master, Death's Head who tells Smasher to put Daredevil in one of his deathtraps.

While at a hospital, Johnny Blaze checks on his girlfriend Roxanne Simpson who is recovering there before going to look for Stuntmaster who he's learned has kidnapped Karen Page. Searching for him, Johnny turns into Ghost Rider when he sees some criminals loading carpet into the back of a truck. Stopping them, he finds that they weren't stealing carpets, but smuggling Heroin. While in New York, Foggy becomes increasingly worried about his fiancee Debbie Harris who has gone missing. He gets a call from somebody within Glenn Industires telling him where to meet for further indstructions on where Debbie is.

While back in LA, Daredevil manages to escape from his trap, while Death's Head interrigates Karen about her fathers experiments with Cobalt and the 4th Dimension. While elsewhere, Ghost Rider finds the Stuntmaster who agrees to show Ghost Rider where Karen was taken. While in New York, Foggy goes to the scheduled meetin place and is shot.

Back in LA, Daredevil manages to find Karen, and is attacked by Death's Head, Daredevil is losing the fight until Ghost Rider bursts in. Continued in Ghost Rider #20


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Michael Beigel, Peter Sanderson, and John Goodrich.
  • Letter writer John Goodrich correctly identifies the character Bert Rose as an individual pictured in Daredevil #1 investigating the murder of '"Battling" Jack Murdock.
  • This story is reprinted in trade paperback.[1]

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  1. Marvel Essentials: Ghost Rider, Volume 1

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