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Quote1.png Imagine... A savage wild-man appears in Britain, seemingly from nowhere! Quote2.png
Foggy Nelson

Appearing in "If This Be Justice...!"

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Synopsis for "If This Be Justice...!"

Continued from last issue... Daredevil and Ka-Zar have been brought to England by the Plunderer who seeks to use his brother's half of a medallion of metal destroying ore to gain access to the family inheritance. During the struggle, Feepers, one of the Plunderers men -- secretly wanting the medallion for himself -- has called out asking for help in getting the devil, the police arrive and fire upon Daredevil and Ka-Zar.

Through much struggle, Daredevil is forced to retreat, Ka-Zar is accused of Feeper's murder and the Plunderer gets his brothers half of the medallion and uses it to free his prize: a chunk of metal destroying ore which he dubs the Plunderer's Stone. The Plunderer then creates a powerful weapon from the ore and creates a new costume. Meanwhile, in the States, Karen and Foggy get a letter from Matt informing them that he's alive and asks them for help in proving Ka-Zar's innocence, they then plan to book a flight to England to meet him.

Back in England, the Plunderer has gathered a new army of costumed crooks to help him in his criminal deeds, Daredevil incapacitates one and steals his costume and secretly boards the Plunderer's submarine. They attack an early-warning missile base in hopes of taking over it, however, Daredevil reveals himself and attacks the Plunderer. Meanwhile, Ka-Zar is brought to court for murder charges, and as Foggy and Karen watch, Ka-Zar goes crazy and attacks the courtroom and is subdued.

Daredevil defeats the Plunderer and turns him over to the military, who then help out Daredevil by writing a letter to the judge of Ka-Zar's murder trial which helps clear Ka-Zar of all charges. Additionally, the doctor says that he's going to be in normal health after having to be gassed to be controlled. Matt meets up with Foggy and Karen who are happy to see him, although Matt has to sympathize for poor Ka-Zar and wonders what will happen to the jungle lord now.


  • This issue contains two interior images from John Romita that are recycled and later re-published by Marvel. Page 7, Panel 2 will become the cover image logo for this title beginning in Daredevil #81. Additionally, the image of Daredevil from Page 10, Panel 4 will be the cover image logo for Marvel Team-Up #25.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Peter Kerns, Danny Dowell, Mrs. Peggy E. Ryan, Bill Sims, Dennis Allard, Joseph Guidera, A.J. Melch, paul laginess, Steven Schaffer, and Ricky Luquette.
  • credits:
    • Story:........Stan Lee
    • Pencilling....John Romita
    • Inking........Frankie Ray
    • All of the Above, Plus:
    • Lettering....Artie Simek
    • --What More Could A Marvelite Want?!

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