Quote1 The Man Without Fear! Bah! Where is this hero? I have offered him a challenge -- a duel to the death to prove my total superiority! Quote2
-- Bullseye

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Synopsis for "Duel!"

DD localizes Bullseye in his civilian guise and changes into his own civvies to follow him without attracting attention. In a gunshop, he prevents Bullseye from striking the proprietor with a golf ball and the two scuffle, but when the police arrive they can find no reason to detain the man, and Murdock cannot tell them he is actually Bullseye without revealing his own identity.

As he exits the shop Matt is whacked on the head by the golf ball, severely disorienting his senses. He returns to his office to learn from Foggy that Bullseye, who in his own apartment is enraged that a blind man foiled his robbery and decides to call out Daredevil, has taken over a TV station and demanded that Daredevil come and fight him.

DD arrives and they fight, despite DD’s non-functioning radar sense. DD takes a beating but they end up in “the studio’s wrestling ring” where DD gains the upper hand, until Bullseye draws a gun and shoots him. Even shot, DD manages to beat him and save the hostages, and Bullseye mutters the name "Glenn" when DD demands to know who hired him. Daredevil staggers painfully away as the police arrive.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Peter Sanderson. Edward Via and Steve Wasson.

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