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Quote1.png Feel my will conquering yours! Hear my voice... look at my eyes! Look at me, slave! Quote2.png
Purple Man

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Synopsis for "Breaking Point!"

Exiting the studio where he defeated Bullseye on live TV, Daredevil is swarmed by an admiring crowd. They press in on him until he leaps up to the rooftops to collect himself. That night, with the clue provided by Bullseye he bursts into the offices of Maxwell Glenn, who with minimal prodding confesses to several crimes, including the kidnapping of Debbie Harris. DD forces his to confess to the police as well, but before they can arrive, the Purple Man reveals himself as pulling Glenn’s strings all along.

Elsewhere, Debbie Harris pleads with her kidnapper to let her go, to no avail. But then Daredevil bursts in and rescues her. Later, speaking with Debbie and Foggy, Heather Glenn witnesses her father being arrested. He says he doesn’t remember anything about his crimes. Matt senses that Heather wishes Matt were around, but DD cannot appear as Matt Murdock until his shoulder heals.

Beginning to suspect there is more to the story, DD returns to Maxwell Glenn’s office, and discovers a secret door, behind which the Purple Man is pontificating about the criminal empire he has been building behind the scenes. Killgrave acknowledges that DD has resisted his powers in the past, but says he has since grown stronger. He exerts his will on DD, but still cannot take control of him. Instead he orders the other businessmen to attack him, but an enraged DD knocks out the lights and defeats them all, vowing he will end Killgrave.

One of the stooges gets a lucky shot on his damaged shoulder, delaying DD just long enough for Killgrave to escape.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Gary Wilcov, Steve Tanzer, and Greg Lowen.

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