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Quote1.png The idea of being a prizefighter mixed with gangsters... refusing to take a dive ..! Somehow it's all ... part of me! Quote2.png
-- Matt Murdock

Appearing in "Requiem for a Pug!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Mr. Hyle
  • Ramona (leopard)

Other Characters:

  • Toomey
  • Hymie
  • Dover




Synopsis for "Requiem for a Pug!"

After absorbing a large amount of radiation while stopping a malfunctioning meson reactor, Daredevil passes out and comes to with amnesia. He doesn't know who he is, but quickly realizes his special powers and instinctively uses them fight some criminals while in his street clothes, drawing the attention of a crooked boxing promoter, Mr.Hyle, who takes him in to turn him into a prizefighter. When he refuses to throw a fight and his trainer takes a bullet for it, DD regains his memories and takes out Hyle, his goons, and his pet leopard.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story# LF597. This story is a fill-in story as readers were promised a "Hulk" story which will appear next issue. None of the then-current storylines or regular supporting characters are shown in this fill-in.

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