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Synopsis for "Blind Alley"

While attending a party, Daredevil detects that the Hulk is loose in New York City. In his civilian attire, Matthew Murdock leaves his friends and approaches the Hulk. Matt coaxes the Hulk into turning into his human alter ego Bruce Banner.

Matt takes Bruce into his home and lets him rest. Later Banner goes on his way to leave the city thanking Matt Murdock for his help. Unfortunately a chaotic and crowded subway agitates Banner enough to transform back into the Hulk. Again, Daredevil confronts him only to be beaten and slapped away by the Jade Giant. Badly beaten, Daredevil realizes that he has done his part to stop the Hulk's rampage and should stop, but thinks to himself that he knows he can do more and that he would always know that he could have done more. To save the city, Daredevil tracks down and confronts the Hulk again. This time Daredevil collapses from his beating. Rather than killing Daredevil, a confused Hulk leaps out of the city. Daredevil lays motionless as our story ends.


  • Inks (story pages): Janson (pages 1-2), Rubinstein (pages 3-18).
  • Other editors have noted that Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are shown attending a party with Matt Murdock this issue. This is quite feasible, but the two are poorly coloured and in dark contrast. For example, Mary Jane has blonde rather than her distinctive trademark red hair.

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