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Quote1 You are a worse nuisance than that accursed Spider-Man -- and I will not brook nuisances. Quote2
Doctor Octopus

Appearing in "Arms of the Octopus"

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Synopsis for "Arms of the Octopus"

Brief Summary

Heather finds out that her company is doing business with Doc Ock, and Daredevil has to come to her rescue when she is captured. The Widow realizes her relationship with Matt is through and leaves New York.

Detailed Summary

Daredevil moves across the skyline, upset that he has to investigate a lead instead of spend the night with Natasha. He goes into a bar and interrupts a pool game to ask for information about a stolen adamantium shipment. He lets Pike get away so he can follow Pike and learn more. Daredevil overhears the criminals mention the involvement of Glenn Industries, and he's shocked that his ex-girlfriend Heather's company could be involved in illegal activity.

Heather walks in on a board meeting that she hadn't been informed about, and Daredevil arrives to tell her about their involvement in the theft. Heather remembers her history with Daredevil in which he got her father convicted and was then unable to prove his innocence.

The next day, Foggy comes into the office to tell Matt about his new tuxedo for the wedding, but Matt is hard at work investigating Glenn Industries. Meanwhile, Heather is investigating as well, and as she finds the answer, Doc Ock's metal arms take her away. Matt gets a call from Heather's friend after she goes missing, so he puts on his Daredevil costume to look for her. Natasha asks to go with him, but he declines and she suspects that he has stronger feelings for Heather than for her. Daredevil ambushes the adamantium transfer and fights the men that had it, but Doctor Octopus interrupts. He grips Daredevil and plunges him into the water, holding him there until he drowns. Daredevil goes limp to act as if he had drowned, and he's pulled out of the water by police officers down river.

At the Glenn Industries research facility, Doctor Octopus keeps several people hostage, including Heather. He describes how he escaped his last fight with Spider-Man, but that one of his tentacles broke. He declares that he will make new tentacles out of adamantium so that he will become indestructible. Daredevil arrives and fights with Doctor Octopus, but he's unable to compete and Doctor Octopus pins him against a wall to deliver a death blow. Heather cuts through the ropes holding her with a piece of broken glass, and then she strikes at Doctor Octopus with it. Doctor Octopus releases Daredevil and turns to her.

Daredevil finds high voltage wiring and goads Doctor Octopus into attacking by insulting him. Doctor Octopus strikes and hits the wiring. Daredevil turns off the power before it kills him, but it knocks him out. The arms are still active, and they carry Doctor Octopus away. Daredevil starts to go after him, but Heather cries out for him. Daredevil returns to her, and they embrace. Black Widow arrives, and she confirms her suspicion that Matt still loves Heather, so she decides to leave New York.


  • Plot by McKenzie and Miller, script by McKenzie.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Level With Daredevil. Letters are published from Kurt S. Olsson, Mattt Kaufman, and Jeffrey T. Dawkins.
  • In this issue, The Black Widow comes to realize that Matt Murdock loves Heather Glenn and leaves New York City. She will no longer be a recurring character in this series.

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