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Appearing in "The Assassination of Matt Murdock"

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Synopsis for "The Assassination of Matt Murdock"

Kingpin secretly hires the Hand to take out Matt Murdock, but Elektra and Gladiator get in the way; When the Hand blows up his law office, DD loses his radar sense due to the blast.


  • This issue presents a new letters page, Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Jon Jackson, Sheldon A Wiebe, Jeffery Lowndes, Neil McLauglin, Verde, Jim Sinclair, David Motyl, Mark Harris, Jim Timlick and Kerry Lucarelli.
  • Letter writer Kerry Lucarelli proposes the Devil's Advocate name for the letters page. Previously, the letters page has been Let's Level With Daredevil since Daredevil Vol 1 4.

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