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Quote1 Everything's okay now Matt. Old Fog came through again .. hired us some protection! Quote2
Foggy Nelson

Appearing in "Paper Chase"

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Synopsis for "Paper Chase"

Elektra Natchios returns to her apartment one night, only to be attacked by a bunch of armed men. She easily defeats them and finds a note from the Kingpin, stating that if she survived the attack she is as capable an assassin as he surmised, and invites her to meet with him.

The next morning, Daredevil sprints across the city to resume his civilian guise of Matt Murdock, to meet with a young man named Sheldon who has checks that will implicate mayoral candidate Randolph Cherryh as being in the pocket of the Kingpin of Crime. Meeting with Sheldon with Foggy and Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson, their private meeting is interrupted by some of the Kingpin's men, who wish to "talk" to Sheldon. In spite of Matt's best efforts in his civilian guise and as Daredevil, Sheldon bolts out of the office and manages to escape. Daredevil is at least able to prevent him from being assassinated.

Foggy, fearing for Matt's safety, decides that Matt might need some bodyguards and seeks out the services of Heroes for Hire. After meeting with Power Man and Iron Fist, the two heroes agree to take the case. When some of the Kingpin's men try to strongarm Murdock into giving over the checks, Power Man and Iron Fist burst in and stop them, much to Matt's chagrin - because of their interference recorded testimony is destroyed by gunfire.

Things get stickier when the next day at court, the Heroes for Hire are shocked to find that their financial backer Jeryn Hogarth is acting as Cherryh's defense. More shocking still, Jeryn talks to the judge in a negative light about the Heroes for Hire being employed by Murdock, going so far as calling them hired thugs.

After the court adjourns for the day, Matt shakes off the Heroes for Hire so that he can seek out Sheldon as Daredevil. The three heroes eventually find their way to a parade where Sheldon intends to trade the incriminating checks over to Cherryh in exchange for some money. When a kid grabs for the pay-off (disguised as a bag of candy) from Cherryh (who is handing them out to spectators) Sheldon makes a run for it. When Daredevil tries to catch up with the boy, Power Man and Iron Fist end up getting locked in a battle with the Man Without Fear. However, after misunderstandings are cleared up, the three heroes work together to catch up with Sheldon.

Sheldon explains that his sister was a ballerina who got unlawfully fired from her job due to a broken leg and that he needed the pay-off money in order to support her. When Daredevil convinces Sheldon to give them the checks in exchange for helping him out with his sisters trouble, they find that the checks were lost in the case. With so many bits of paper fluttering in the air due to the parade, finding the checks would be near impossible. Daredevil and the Heroes for Hire continue their story in Power Man and Iron Fist #77.

Meanwhile, that night, Elektra breaks into the Kingpin's office tower and fights through all his security and makes it to the top. Able to confront the Kingpin on her own, the crime lord is convinced that she will be perfect for the job that he needs her for... This story is continued next issue.


  • Nelson and Murdock end their "Storefront" Free Clinic. They open their new "Nelson and Murdock" in a mid-town high-rise.

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