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Quote1 Lousy cigarettes... Quote2
Ben Urich

Appearing in "Spiked!"

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Synopsis for "Spiked!"

Ben is warned off of the Kingpin/Cherryh story by Elektra and Cherryh himself; When Ben and DD continue to dig, Elektra shows up and beats DD right before she throws a sai through Urich.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Wayne Hepner, Diana schultz, Dan Clayton Shoemaker, Chris Downey, Mark Marcus, Frank Gruber, Forrest Bigham, and William H. Curran III.
  • Ben Urich appears to die this issue after he is impaled by Elektra. But he will return next issue. Elektra detects Urich after the chain smoker coughs and he blames his demise on "Lousy Cigarettes".
  • The rather unexpected romantic portrayal of Ben and Doris Urich in this issue is generally regarded as a true Marvel classic.

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