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Turk Barrett

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Synopsis for "The Damned"

Following the lead on a photo Ben Urich took, Daredevil and Urich hunt for the Kingpin's missing wife in the sewers. While there, they are nabbed by a group of gross, disfigured sewer people who follow a leader called the King of the Sewers. The King ties Ben and Daredevil up and feeds them to a crocodile, but Dardevil outmaneuvers the crocodile and knocks out the King in hand-to-hand combat. Up on the surface world, Kingpin's puppet candidate, Randolph Cherryh, wins the mayoral election, but when Daredevil returns from the sewers with Kingpin's wife rescued, the hero forces the Kingpin to have Cherryh concede the election. Kingpin orders Elektra to kill Foggy Nelson in retaliation.


  • This issue contains The Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Wayne Hepner, Diana Schultz, Dan Clayton Shoemaker, Chris Downey, Mark Marcus, Frank Gruber, Forrest Bigham, and William H. Curran III.

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