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Quote1.png This round goes to Daredevil... But it's only the opening gun in the battle to come! Quote2.png
Masked Marauder

Appearing in "Alone -- Against the Underworld!"

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Synopsis for "Alone -- Against the Underworld!"

After saving a window washer from a fatal fall, Daredevil pops in on Foggy Nelson and shows him that the Daily Bugle is featuring a cover story about the Gladiator revealing Daredevil's identity to be that of Foggy Nelson. Realizing his lie has gotten him locked in the sights of Daredevil's enemies.

Meanwhile, the Gladiator's court case is interrupted by an attack by a group of gangsters who free him and bring him back to their master: The Masked Marauder. As the two criminals come to blows, Daredevil searches the Gladiator's costume shop for clues to his location but comes up with nothing.

As Gladiator and Marauder continue to fight, the Marauder's thugs have come to the Nelson and Murdock law office to kill Foggy, but they are single-handedly defeated by Daredevil. After the battle, one of the crooks makes it back to the Marauder's base to tell them that Daredevil isn't Foggy Nelson. The two criminals then decide to put aside their grievances and work together to stop Daredevil.

Back at the Nelson and Murdock law office, Matt finds that Foggy and Karen are still together, even though Karen now knows that Foggy isn't Daredevil.


  • In the Gladiator's costume shop, there are surprisingly life-like costume models of Doctor Doom, Captain America and Doctor Strange.
  • Last issue of Daredevil for artist John Romita. Gene Colan begins his tenure as artist next issue and will remain so for years to come.
  • credits:
    • Script: Masterful Stan Lee
    • Art: Magnificent Johnny Romita
    • Inks: Melodramatic Frank Giaocia
    • Lettering: Melancholy Sam Rosen
    • (Kinda Shakes You Up, Huh?)

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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