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Synopsis for "Roulette"

A troubled Daredevil pays a visit to Bullseye, who is still paralyzed from their previous tussle. Daredevil begins to play Russian Roulette with his helpless foe while he explains the reason for his visit. Recently, Matt had visited the home of Hank Jurgens, a potential client. During his visit, he meets Hank’s son, Chuckie, who is strangely fixated with a tape of a fight Daredevil had with Bullseye. While sharing a meal, Hank tells Matt that he is innocent and that he was framed by Sam Jutter, who he claims his jealous of a recent promotion Hank received. Hank is quite vocal with his disapproval of his son’s obsession and is shown to be a very strict (and possibly abusive) Father. It is also revealed that Chuckie’s obsession with Daredevil goes far beyond the tape recording as he actually claims to be Daredevil sometimes. Following Dinner Hank shows off his prized handgun. Days later, Matt, as Daredevil, visits Chuckie at school where it is revealed he gets picked on by the other kids. Matt even swings around the city with him for a bit. This only increases Chuckie’s admiration of Daredevil, much to Matt’s ego. Later Daredevil follows Sam Jutter to a park to investigate Hank’s claims that Jutter is framing him. He then observes Jutter attempt to blackmail Hank and Hank responding by pulling out his gun. Daredevil quickly knocks out Hank, unaware that Chuckie, who wanted to prove his dad’s innocence, was watching. This deeply traumatized him. Days later, while being picked on as usual, Chuckie pulls out his dad’s gun and shoots his aggressor. The shot kid survives, but Matt is left to ponder if his violent actions as Daredevil is a bad influence on the young impressionable minds that look up to him. The issue ends with the troubled Daredevil revealing he was playing Russian Roulette with an empty gun


  • This issue contains a full-page ad for Ka-Zar Vol 1 23
  • Miller's last pencils on DD was Vol 1 184, but he returns for this finale.

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