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Appearing in "The Evil Menace of Electro!"

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Synopsis for "The Evil Menace of Electro!"

When the Fantastic Four need a lawyer for the renewal of their headquarter's lease, they send the Thing to Nelson & Murdock's law office. Murdock takes the case and Karen loans her photograph of him for programming the electronic alarm devices to admit him into their guarded base. Fantastic Four leave for Washington D.C. to be awarded with an another decoration.

Meanwhile, as Daredevil, Matt Murdock busts up Electro's car theft ring. The villain decides to steal Reed Richards' scientific secrets and sell them to a hostile nation. With his electrical skills, Electro easily breaks into the Baxter Building but at the same time, Matt Murdock is coming to examine Fantastic Four's headquarters. With a warning from his super-sharp senses, he changes into Daredevil and battle ensues. Electro gets his revenge by beating the crime-fighter and sending him into space tied aboard the Fantastic Four's rocket. Daredevil, however, gets control of the ship and by "hearing the slight movement of the astro-compass" lands it safely in Central Park. To escape the police, he steals a horse.

Wanting to surprise Electro, Daredevil catches the underside of a sightseeing helicopter with his cane's handle and drops to the Baxter Building from the air. Electro flees with Richards' scientific notes via elevator shaft and attaches himself to atop a passing car with electric magnetism. However, Daredevil is able to follow him, guided by the electric emanations from Electro's body. They battle inside a movie theatre and the man without fear wins the fight by dropping a curtain on the electric villain. Police short-circuit Electro with water from the fire hoses, rendering his electric powers useless.

Daredevil returns Richards' notes to his vault and later, back in his identity of attorney Matt Murdock, is visited again by the F.F., who have come to ask about the report about their lease. Hearing that Murdock hasn't done it yet, they decide to hire another lawyer.


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