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Quote1.png In this court -- presided over by the owl -- I make my own laws! Quote2.png
The Owl

Appearing in "The Verdict Is: Death!"

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  • Privately Chartered Airplane

Synopsis for "The Verdict Is: Death!"

Daredevil crashes in on some crooks that are snooping around inside the Nelson and Murdock law office and fights them off. Wondering why they're looking for his alter ego, Daredevil follows them to his home, and quickly sneaks in and allows them to capture him so he can find out what's going on. A short while later, Foggy and Karen find out that Matt is missing.

Matt is taken to the Owl's Airie, where the criminal Owl has resurfaced and is making Matt represent Judge Lewis, the judge that tried to convict the Owl for previous criminal offenses. Putting on a mock trial (even though it's obvious that the Owl will sentence Lewis to death), Matt calls upon a witness. When they all humor Murdock when he says the witness is waiting outside, it gives him a chance to leave the room to change into Daredevil and attack the Owl and his men.

However during the battle, the Owl manages to spring a trap and trap DD in a cage.


  • Judge Lewis had previously appeared briefly in Daredevil #3, but his name had not been given.
  • credits:
    • Script: Smilin' Stan Lee
    • Penciling: (Jazzy Johnny Romita Had to Polish Off The 25¢ Spider-Man Special This Month, So Look Who Generously Offered To Pinch-Hit For Ol' Ring-A-Ding This Ish:) Gentleman Gene Colan
    • Inking: Fearless Frank Giacoia
    • Lettering: Adorable Artie Simek
    • Bad-Guy Booer: Honest Irving Forbush
  • Daredevil #3

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