Quote1 Fight ... Superhero fighting ... I can hlep... M' a Super Hero, too... Quote2
-- A very Intoxicated Anthony Stark

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Synopsis for "Vengeance of the Victim"

King Micah takes a tour of the Manhattan subway system. A hidden assassin named Crossbow fires a bolt at Micah. Daredevil leaps upon the scene and kicks Micah out of the way. Micah's wife Sra falls off the ramp onto the tracks. Daredevil then jumps down and covers her as a train passes harmlessly over them. Crossbow gets away.

Later, Crossbow reports his failure to kill Micah to his employer, Lord Barrington Synn. Synn is actually a distant relative of Micah who wishes to avoid a British scandal should such information ever be made public.

Later, Debbie Franklin decides to host a party in honor of King Micah. Matt wants Debbie's husband, Foggy, to drop Micah as a client. Foggy is uncomfortable with the situation.

That night, Debbie throws the party and dozens of New York socialites are in attendance to see Micah. Debbie even shares a secret moment of intimacy with Micah behind closed doors. Crossbow arrives again, but Matt is ready for him this time. Cornering Crossbow on the balcony he asks him who hired him. But before Crossbow can answer, Micah attacks Daredevil from behind. Daredevil knocks him back and renders Crossbow unconscious.


  • Iron Man appears only as Tony Stark in this issue. He is one of the guests at Debbie's party, and spends most of the time drunk.
  • This issue features a letters page, Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Paul Everett Spurgeon, Gerald Perkins, Wiliam Adkins, Jr., Zola Viharo, Nick M. Spooner, Rex Carnes, Joseph Vidal, Brian Henderson, and Kenny Everhart.

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