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Quote1 You've got a weapon under that coat! If you reach for it you'll be sorry --- very, very sorry! Quote2

Appearing in "The Gael"

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Synopsis for "The Gael"

Debbie Nelson's niece, Glorianna O'Breen arrives from Ireland and is desperate for a place to stay. Debbie offers Glorianna a place at Matt Murdock's apartment (despite the fact that Matt is never even asked). Glorianna is in the US to avoid persecution at the hands of the Irish Republican Army, who mistakenly believe that her family has betrayed their cause. A killer known as the Gael has been stalking political victims in the streets of New York.

Later that day, a group of IRA thugs find Glorianna and try to abduct her. Daredevil (having overheard Debbie's generous offer to Glory) leaps onto the scene and stops the thugs. He then, reluctantly, tells her that she can stay at his friend Matt's place until he can track down the Gael.

The following evening, Glory visits Paddy O'Hanlon, a friend of her father's. She hopes that Paddy will help to keep her save from the IRA nationals. But it is quickly revealed that he is in fact, the Gael. He captures her, ties her to a chair and gags her with the intention of killing her.

Matt Murdock meanwhile, discovers a clue inside of Glory's camera that reveals the identity of the Gael. Knowing that Glory may soon become the Gael's next victim, he tracks her down and enters Paddy's apartment. He kicks him unconscious and rescues Glorianna.

Solicit Synopsis

The adventurer without sight - the man without fear - in the battle of his life against the menace without a name!



  • The tagline for this issue is, "Night of the Gael!"

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