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Debbie Nelson
Foggy, you're the drabbest, dullest, most boring person I know!
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Franklin Nelson (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 3 5 001.jpg
Foggy Nelson
I resent that!
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Deborah Harris (Earth-616) from Daredevil Vol 1 36 001.png
Debbie Nelson
I don't care!
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Appearing in "Blast from the Past"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sterling's Robot Drones (Destruction)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Blast from the Past"

Daredevil is still being pursued by the little girl robots activated by the deceased Ms. Sterling and is helped out by one of his childhood tormentors.

Solicit Synopsis

Big surprise this issue! You've been clamoring for the return of this writer to the ranks of Marvel! And you've been clamoring for Daredevil to face this villain once again! Now it all happens in one thrill-packed tale! Think you can stand the suspense of waiting for this once-in-a-lifetime opus to come out?


  • As seen on page one, this story is "From an idea from Harlan Ellison".
  • This issue contains a letters page, Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Donnie Schick, Kevin Hall, Glenn Campbell, George Audis Williams, Jason Judd, Bruce McCarthy, Sarah Hardin, and Timothy Doran.

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