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Quote1.png If threats could finish me off, the world would have been Daredevil-less months ago, loudmouth! Quote2.png
Daredevil to The Owl

Appearing in "The Trap Is Sprung"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "The Trap Is Sprung"

As a prisoner of the Owl following his interruption of the mock trail against Judge Lewis, Daredevil is about to be dropped down a long chasm in the Owl's base, however Daredevil manages to escape and fight off the Owl's men.

When a nearby volcano on the island threatens to destroy the Owl's Airie, his goons flee, however, the Owl unleashes his giant owl robot against Daredevil. However, during the battle the danger of the volcano becomes ever-present, and the Owl flees, thinking Daredevil defeated. However, Daredevil manages to grab control of the robotic owl and use it to save Judge Lewis before trying to figure out how to fly them back to the mainland.


  • Credits:
    • Spell-Binding Script: Stan Lee
    • Phenomenal Pencilling: Gene Colan
    • Dynamic Delineation: Fearless Frank • Darlin' Dick • Wild Bill
    • Laudatory Lettering: Artie Simek
    • Bombastic Bird-Watching: Irving Forbush

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