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Rafael Scarfe

Appearing in "All My Laurels You Have Riven Away"

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Synopsis for "All My Laurels You Have Riven Away"

The Jester has escaped from prison and almost immediately kidnaps the noted actor, Benedict LaForge, who is in town for a dramatic production of Cyranno De Bergerac. Daredevil drops Glorianna O'Breen at the JFK Airport (returning to Ireland) just as the Jester abducts LaForge. Daredevil detects the Jester's heartbeat, senses something is amiss, and later begins to investigate.

Daredevil discovers that the Jester wants to act the title role in the play. The Jester is a failed actor, which led him somewhat into a life of crime. Daredevil arrives at the studio. He sees the Jester performing before the cameras and decides to wait until the Jester's performance is over. The Jester is surprisingly good.

Detective Scarfe and his officers arrive to apprehend the Jester. Daredevil finds the Jester's discarded costume, puts it on and masquerades as the Jester. He leads Detective Scarfe and his NYPD officers on a chase, while the Jester finishes his performance. Daredevil finally allows himself to be caught and explains his motives. The Jester seems appreciative of his old foe's efforts. Daredvil notes, "...Now that he's accomplished his dream, he (The Jester) may not need crime."


  • No letters page is published this issue.

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