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Quote1.png Listen to me, you muscle-bound clod! This is the biggest opportunity of our careers! With the Maggia now leaderless... this is our chance to take it over! Quote2.png
Masked Marauder

Appearing in ""The Tri-Man Lives!""

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Synopsis for ""The Tri-Man Lives!""

Surviving the Owl's final attempt to kill them, Daredevil saves Judge Lewis' life and brings them back to safety. Shortly afterwards, Matt, Karen and Foggy attend a boxing match, unaware that the Masked Marauder and the Gladiator had taken their three best men and converted their best characteristics into an android known as the Tri-Man.

Ordering the Tri-Man to interrupt the boxing match in an attempt to lure out Daredevil, DD comes out and attacks the Tri-Man, however during the battle, the Marauder and Gladiator manage to capture Foggy Nelson and Karen Page and threaten their lives... This story is continued next issue.


  • credits:
    • Written With Rapture By: Stan Lee
    • Drawn With Drama By: Gene Colan
    • Delineated With Delight By: Giacoia + Ayers
    • Lettered With The Ball Game On By: Sam Rosen
  • references: Daredevil #21, Amazing Spider-Man #43, and X-Men #23

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