Franklin Nelson (Earth-616)
Foggy Nelson
You know what you are guilty of? Of not loving Heather as much as she loved you! You really couldn't help that, Matt. You really couldn't!
Conversation Tail
Matthew Murdock (Earth-616)
Matt Murdock
Maybe not. But still, she's dead... And in some way, I'm responsible. It's my fault.
Conversation Tail

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Synopsis for "Fog"

At 3 a.m., Matt Murdock gets a phone call for help from his former fiancee Heather Glenn. Matt says he cannot find a cab at this time of night in the fog. Heather urges him to come to her as Daredevil. On the way, Daredevil hears a couple,Manny and Doris, in an argument. He does not intervene as he proceeds on to help Heather. He finds Heather unconscious from drinking. She wakes and continues to drink. She is not in danger. She just tell Matt that she is lonely. As Matt leaves, he sees a man walking and smoking a foreign brand of cigarettes.

Matt doesn't investigate the man as he senses more trouble with Manny and Doris. He finds that Manny has fatally stabbed Doris. He punches out Manny and leaves him for the police. Matt knows that if he had ignored Heather's drunken call for help, Doris would still be alive. The next morning, Foggy calls Matt and tells him that Heather has hung herself in her apartment.

Matt later investigates and notes that items from her safe are missing. He and Foggy recall how European businessman,Silvio Gulio, had inquired about buying patents form Heather when her father died. Using information from his informants Grotto and Turk, Matt investigates and confronts Silvio and his bodyguards. He defeats them and captures Silvio. As they question the businessman at police headquarters, he admits to stealing the patents, but Heather had already hung herself when his men had arrived.

Later, Foggy gets a note Heather mailed to him wanting Foggy to tell Matt that she is sorry. Matt feels responsible. Foggy tells him that Matt is only guilty of not loving Heather as much as Heather loved him. Matt still feels his responsibility. Matt opens the window and lets in the fog. The tale ends with a quote from the Greek philosopher Socrates written at the time of his suicide.


  • This issue does not contain a letters page. In it's place is a full page advertisement for Moon Knight.

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