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Quote1.png You depress me, Stone. You're slow, stupid, and amateurish. Wise up, friend… …You're in the big leagues, now. …And you just don't cut it! Quote2.png
Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

Appearing in "Abe"

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  • New York City
    • Continental Trucking
    • Big "A' Cafe
    • Wyman Insurance Company



Synopsis for "Abe"

While skirmishing with drug dealers on the Lower East Side at Continental Trucking, Daredevil finds the charred, smoldering remains of four criminals who have been reduced to ash. He also encounters an aging, visually impaired black man named Abe lurking around the scene. After talking with Abe over coffee at a cafe, he sees that Abe was an employee at Continental Trucking, a mob front. Abe had picked up the wrong briefcase when he left work. The one Abe has is stuffed with cash. What he wanted to retrieve was his briefcase with a locket and picture of his late wife. Daredevil promises to get this back for him. Daredevil determines that the charred bodies came from Mike Stone, a disgruntled ex-employee who has stumbled upon the Sunturion armor during a fishing trip. When he battles the Sunturion, Daredevil is overmatched. However, he finds out that the Sunturion armor is consuming Mike's essence. He removes the armor's face covering and Mike Stone's life force is released. He returns the locket to Abe, who is curmudgeonly but grateful, and notes as an aside to a waitress that the locket has no picture in it. Daredevil realizes that despite Abe's blindness, he has found comfort.


  • The previous Sunturion, Arthur Dearborn, was last seen in Iron Man #144 plunging into the Gulf of Mexico after converting himself into a pure energy beam. As his armor was later recovered by Mike Stone, it most likely met a similar fate.

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