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Quote1.png ... I could not dream of a more perfect Hell. I envy you blessed little worm. You have witnessed the death of a noble man. Quote2.png
The Kingpin

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Synopsis for "Purgatory"

In the midst of Daredevil's initial investigations in to who has completely ruined his life, he uncovers that Manolis is helping another person to frame Murdock for all of his transgressions in exchange for medical treatments for his son, but Murdock is unable to find out who is truly the mastermind behind the frame up and is unwilling to turn Manolis in to the authorities by himself. An exceptional legal defense by Foggy Nelson saves Murdock from a jail term, though he is still subsequently barred from practicing law. His initial plan partially foiled, the Kingpin decides to have Murdock's apartment firebombed as revenge, leaving his costume in the wreckage to show that he knows his secret identity and is responsible for his recent trials. He also gives out the order to have anyone else who handled the information on Daredevil's identity killed. However, Karen Page eludes Fisk's assassins and makes her way to New York in order to find Murdock and get over her ailment.


Continuity Notes

  • No appearance of Daredevil's Billy Club this issue. It may have been destroyed when the Kingpin detonated Matt Murdock's apartment.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contains a letters page Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Brain Hing, David Azur, jack flubinjus iii, Clay Griffith, Jason Carl, Craig Campbell, Matt Calvent, and Eric James Brich.

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