Quote1 I don't fight a guy who just saved my life! Quote2
-- Gladiator

Appearing in "DD Goes Wild!"

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Synopsis for "DD Goes Wild!"

Continued from last issue... Daredevil was forced to fight the Masked Marauder and Gladiator's Tri-Man (in order to secure leadership in the Maggia), however, Daredevil managed to defeat their creation and follow its teleporter back to their base. There, Daredevil fights alone against the three men who's abilities were templated for the Tri-Man (The Mangler, The Brain, and The Dancer) and the Gladiator.

While this battle is going on, the Masked Marauder broadcasts video from the battle to the Maggia so that they can see the Marauder's triumph over Daredevil, in hopes that DD's defeat will secure his role as the crime cartel's leader. However, Daredevil manages to defeat all attackers, including a lion that is turned upon him and escapes. In the aftermath, the Masked Marauder's membership bid is denied and the Maggia, liking the Gladiator's style, take him into their group.


  • Credits:
    • Special Location: Floor Of Arena
    • Story: Stan (The Man) Lee
    • Art: Gentleman Gene Colan
    • Inks Fearless Frank Giacoia
    • Lettering: Swingin' Sam Rosen

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