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Synopsis for "God and Country"

As Urich writes the stories, the Kingpin becomes increasingly obsessed with killing Murdock, and eventually he uses his military connections to procure an maniacal American super soldier named Frank Simpson, or Nuke. Meanwhile, Nuke, on an assignment in Nicaragua, jumps out of his attack helicopter and opens fire on a military base. After killing everyone there, Nuke is informed by his pilot of Kingpin's business proposition. Nuke heads for New York.

Regaining consciousness and getting brought in to the authorities, Nurse Lois offers to testify against the Kingpin in exchange for a reduced sentence, but Fisk instead has her killed by a Daily Bugle reporter sent to supposedly interview her. During an interview Ben Urich is leading, protected by officer Hegerfors, the reporter opens fire, and only Ben survives the firefight. Meanwhile, having failed to draw Murdock out of hiding, the Kingpin meets with Nuke and tries to deceive Nuke by telling him that Daredevil is un-patriotic. After their meeting, Kingpin orders Nuke to make a general flat-out assault on Hell's Kitchen in an attempt to lure out Daredevil. Later, Nuke's pilot flies him into a populated area where Nuke shoots down dozens of civilians and destroys the diner where Murdock used to work. Murdock avoids the destruction, and leaves to suit up. Appearing as Daredevil for the first time since his apartment was destroyed, Murdock is left with no choice but to fight Nuke head-on in order to avoid more civilian deaths.


Continuity Notes

  • Matt Murdock returns to his costumed alter ego Daredevil this issue.

Publication Notes

  • This issue contians a letters page, Devil's Advocate. Letters are published from Michael K. Willis, David Croghan, Dan Israel, Robert Coleman and Patrick Tohill.
  • This issue is unofficially considered to be part of the Born Again story arc.

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