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Captain America

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Synopsis for "Armageddon"

As everyone watches in horror, Nuke continues to fire bullets and missiles off randomly throughout Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil dives clear just as one of Nuke's missiles collides with the water tower next to him. He hen begins dodging the bullets coming at him from Nuke's helicopter. Finally, Daredevil catches up with Nuke on a rooftop, and the two begin to fight. Nuke clubs Daredevil several times with his gun, but Daredevil manages to do some damage. Daredevil tries to take out some of his pressure points and muscles, but finds that he's too strong, and that his blows are ineffective. On the verge of being beaten, Daredevil kicks Nuke off of the roof, where Nuke lands on some power lines, and gets electrocuted. He then falls out of those, and lands on top of a car. As he lands, he fires a missile up at Daredevil. Daredevil dodges, and the missile explodes to his side. Having doe off of the roof to avoid the missile, Daredevil lands on top of Nuke, who is on the parked car. Daredevil then dives off of the car, just as it explodes. Daredevil watches in horror as Nuke walks out of the blaze, on fire. Daredevil grabs Nuke, and holds him up against a pole. Suddenly, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are there, saving innocents. Captain America is rescuing victims from the fire, and he tells Thor to make a thunderstorm. Thor does, and it begins to rain, putting out fires. The rain puts out the fire on Nuke, who is begging for one of his white pills. Iron Man tells Daredevil to stand down, and let them take Nuke.

Once the Avengers arrest Nuke, Daredevil leaves. Later, Matt visits the nunnery, which has been made into a makeshift hospital, until all the victims of Nuke's attack can get real medical help. Matt meets Karen inside, but detects Captain America's heartbeat, and leaves. Matt meets Cap on the roof, and Cap asks who Nuke is. Matt tells him that he doesn't know, and asks why Cap didn't ask his employers who Nuke was. As Matt leaves, Captain America becomes disturbed by the fact that Nuke has a USA flag tattooed on his face, and starts to investigate his background. When the military authorities give him rather evasive answers, Cap breaks into top secret records and discovers Nuke is the only surviving test subject of an attempt to recreate Project Rebirth, the project that enhanced the Captain's own body and made him the super-soldier. Meanwhile, Nuke breaks free from custody in the same base, and goes on a killing spree through the base. He is stopped by Captain America, who knocks him through a window. Together, they fall out of the building, and smash through a roof, landing inside a building. As Cap attempts to make it to the room with Nuke in tow, the Kingpin arrives, and gives the order to kill Nuke. Cap and Nuke get shot at by one of the military's helicopters, but Daredevil arrives, and pushes them out of the way. As they try to get out of the way of the bullets, Nuke is shot fatally. Daredevil, having heard word of Nuke's escape while stealing money from criminals to rebuild the diner that was destroyed during Nuke's attack, finds Cap and Nuke on the rooftop. Daredevil dives and knocks them out of thew ay of oncoming bullets, and grabs Nuke from Captain America and takes him to the Daily Bugle, hoping to get him to testify about the Kingpin. However, he is not fast enough to get there, and Nuke dies before he can provide any evidence. Daredevil lays Nuke's body on a desk inside the Bugle, in front of the stunned employees.

Trying to get Nuke back from Daredevil, Captain America instead stumbles upon one of the hitmen sent to kill Nuke and Daredevil. The hitman names the Kingpin as being behind Nuke's assault on Hell's Kitchen, setting off a wave of lawsuits and murders. The Kingpin is able to fight off pretty much all the charges, but his public image as an honest and respectable businessman is finally shattered, and his lieutenants lose confidence in him. His obsession unabated, he disregards Captain America's role and once again plans for revenge on Murdock instead. But Murdock has different plans, and he is living in Hell's Kitchen content with his new life with Karen and his vow to fight for justice in his neighborhood and the Man Without Fear - Born Again.


  • This is iconic writer Frank Miller's last regular issue of Daredevil as writer.
  • This issue is unofficially considered to be part of the Born Again story arc.
  • This issue is reimagined in What If...? #48.

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