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Quote1.png Do I prize my humanity that highly? Would it be so bad to be Hyde forever? Quote2.png
Mister Hyde

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Synopsis for "A Safe Place"

Daredevil intercepts and defeats a group of burglars. After their defeat, one of the criminals taunts Daredevil. He tells him that he will be free again, but that the hero will never be free from his alter ego Daredevil. Daredevil thinks back to his origin, his mother, his father killed by the criminal known as "The Fixer", and the teens in the neighborhood who called him a sissy and derisively referred to him as "Daredevil".

In the Financial District, Mr. Hyde batters several policemen and steals money from an armored car. The police pursue him; and Hyde prepares to take a potion and revert back to his less identifiable alter ego. However, the serum does not affect him. However, Hyde still escapes and makes his way back to his Chinatown lab.

Daredevil decides to find Hyde. He uses his senses to smell Hyde and the chemicals from his lab. At Hyde's lab, the criminal finally finds a serum to revert him to his human self. However, it will make him human forever. The effects of the serum would be irreversible. Hyde decides to become human forever. At that moment, Daredevil crashes into the lab and startles Hyde. Hyde does not take the serum and notes that he, now, does not want to become human. His past superhero pursuers would find him, and as he would be a weak human, he could no longer defend himself.

The two battle and Daredevil eventually lures him to subway station. He is able to use his billy club to electrocute Hyde on one of the rails. Hyde is rendered unconscious and the police arrest the villain.

Back in Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil walks with this girlfriend Karen Page. He is interrupted by one of his old childhood tormentors, Stinky McQuade. Stinky apologizes for taunting Daredevil as a youth. He says he has got his life straight and has become an accountant. He is glad that his name-calling of Matt did not negatively affect him. Stinky leaves and Karen senses that there is something wrong with Matt. However, when she asks him, he simply replies that they should get something to eat.


  • "Stinky" McQuade, a childhood acquaintance of Matt Murdock, states that he is the person that gave Murdock the nickname "Daredevil" as a youth. He also apologizes.
  • No letters page is published this issue.

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