Quote1 Its the hunger... It makes me...It leaves me... HUNGRIER...! Quote2
-- Victor Creed

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Synopsis for "It Comes with the Claws"

After the Morlock Tunnels have been cleared of the blood and dead bodies, various parties claim the tunnels for themselves – some teenagers, a gang of kids and also Sabretooth set up base there. Sabretooth makes the others leave after injuring a few of them, though he claims one of the females as a mate for himself. When Butch of the Bratpack mentions that Daredevil will protect them, Sabretooth decides to teach them a lesson by defeating the hero. Later he attacks Daredevil and they fight at first on the surface before entering the the tunnels. Sabretooth is capable of night vision and Daredevil has his radar so none of them are at a disadvantage. Finally they burst through a wall, and find a corpse of a Morlock. By Daredevil’s reaction Sabretooth realizes that the hero is blind. Impressed, they cease fighting for a moment, but then Sabretooth’s instincts kick in and without reason he attacks the girl he captured earlier. Daredevil thinks her dead and asks why he did it, yet Sabretooth doesn’t have an answer, instead he runs away. A similar scene in Butch’s house takes place. Their cat catches a mouse by it’s tail and proudly presents it to the family, yet it does not kill or eat it. Butch’s father explains that even though the cat is regularly fed and living in the city, it still hunts mice because of it’s instincts. All of a sudden the cat decides to kill the mouse and leaves, just like Sabretooth did. It seems that Sabretooth too is controlled by his instincts. After Sabretooth is out of sight, the girl moans. She is not dead and Daredevil quickly takes her to safety.


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  • This issue does not contain a letters page.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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