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Appearing in "The Mystery of the Midnight Stalker!"

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Synopsis for "The Mystery of the Midnight Stalker!"

Continued from last issue... Being transported to a Maggia base in a hostile European country last issue, Daredevil has to fight a bunch of armed thugs in order to steal an airplane and fly to England. There, before he can arrange a trip back to the States, he reads a news item about Ka-Zar becoming savage again, and is being accused of being the "midnight stalker" who has been terrorizing London. Traveling to Castle Plunder, Daredevil offers his aid to Ka-Zar however, there is a misunderstanding and the two end up fighting. The fight lands them both in the castle's moat, where they find a secret hatch. Both curious, the two adventurers enter it and find Ka-Zar's brother, the Plunderer hiding out in there. They soon learn that the Plunderer is really the "midnight stalker", and the two heroes defeat him and turn him over to the authorities, clearing Ka-Zar's name. Daredevil then arranges to get a trip back home to the States. While back home, a letter from Spider-Man has been sent to Nelson & Murdock's law office, Karen reads it to Foggy, where it states that Spider-Man has deduced that Murdock is Daredevil and that his secret is safe with him.


  • Credits:
    • A Stan Lee × Gene Colan Contemporary Classic!
    • Inked By: Frank Giacoia
    • Lettered By: S. Rosen

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