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Synopsis for "A Cage in Search of a Bird..."

After playing with some kids (the Fatboys), Daredevil goes to see Karen Page, who takes him to her new offices and encourages him go back into law, but Matt angrily reiterates the fact that he’s been disbarred and says he feels freer than ever. He investigates a landlord who is threatening to kick out his tenants in order to get more income; Daredevil realizes he is helpless to stop because the man is within his rights. He walks over the bridge to New Jersey where he finds a child playing with a toy boat. When it malfunctions the child goes into the water to fetch it. But the lake is poisoned with toxic chemicals, which blinds the child. Matt wades into the water and pulls him out.

He investigates the toxic spill and backtracks it to an adhesive company called Kelco. As Daredevil, he breaks into the plant and goes through their files. Several security robots come out and Daredevil fights them off. He returns to the law clinic to see if there is any legal action that can be taken against Kelco.

Meanwhile, an assassin named Bushwacker murders a young girl using his arm which can convert into a gun. He thinks how is making much more money assassinating mutants than he ever did as a priest. Later he sleeps with his wife, who finds bullets under the bed and wonders where her husband is constantly leaving to go. Wolverine is on his trail and finds the body, and vows to bring the mutant-killer to justice.

Matt Murdock investigates case law and finds that, working as a lawyer, he could force the crooked landlord to come to terms with his tenants, and goes back to Karen’s clinic where he agrees to work with her as an informal consultant.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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