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  • Amanda (First and only known appearance)


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Synopsis for "Lone Stranger"

Under directions from Spiral, the Blob and Pyro, functioning as Freedom Force, attempt to track down a pretty young mutant named Amanda who has not registered. The lecherous Blob immediately declares her "his girl" and the following fight between The Blob and Pyro sets the town windmill on fire. Daredevil gets wind of this and decides to find the mutant girl before Freedom Force can. In an attempt to even the odds, he gets Blob drunk. Daredevil finds the girl, Pyro is close behind and refers to Daredevil as, "the lucky red jumping bean". Meanwhile Amanda is sitting off to the corner wondering why a stranger is risking is life to protect her. The Blob is still in the bar, groping some random lady bartender and causing general distress. The Blob and Pyro resume fighting over who gets Amanda. More chaos ensues, Daredevil saves that day, leaving a melancholy, lonely mutant girl behind.

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