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Over centuries of time, a certain hill in the town of Christ’s Crown, NY, becomes saturated with the blood of innumerable evil deeds, causing otherworldly thorns to grow. In the modern age, the evil continues to build when a woman is raped on the hill. This proves to be a breaking point and the accumulated evil gives rise to a new demon, Blackheart. Blackheart instantly kills both rapist and victim, and Mephisto appears to congratulate his new son on his first kill. Blackheart lashes out at his maker, though, and Mephisto chastises him. He tells Blackheart to move among the humans in disguise, because he is weakened when mortals see him directly, and encourages him to perpetuate acts of sublime evil.

Elsewhere, Daredevil is exercising atop an abandoned roller coaster, when he smells the presence of Blackheart. Realizing the entity has no heartbeat, Daredevil investigates, only to be attacked by bolts of black energy. By chance, Peter Parker happens to riding past in a bus, and after seeing smoke convinces to driver to stop and let him off.

Meanwhile, Daredevil battles the demon, bringing down the entire roller coaster on top of him, and punching and kicking him with little effect. Spider-Man quickly joins the fight, and soon a crowd gathers around to watch the super-powered brawl. Realizing he is being watched, Blackheart stops fighting. Daredevil sees an opportunity to electrocute the creature and begins to do so, but Spider-Man stops him, realizing that’s exactly what he wants. Then Blackheart, weakened by so many onlookers, suddenly teleports away. Mephisto has watched these events in disguise, and Daredevil senses his presence and realizes he is involved somehow.

Blackheart retreats to the site of his birth at Christ’s Crown’s briar patch and wonders why he was born.

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