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Synopsis for "Body Count"

A shady martial arts teacher instructs Taskmaster on channeling his chi into a deadly punch; Taskmaster instantly picks up the technique and uses it to kill the man. Elsewhere, Tombstone murders a businessman and tallies it in a small notebook.

Daredevil apprehends a low level thug to gain intel on the recent murders; he subjects him to a continual drip on the forehead until he breaks and names the Taskmaster. Kingpin and Typhoid Mary enter a deal with a General Strang, an investor who agrees to fund Fisk’s media enterprises but secretly hopes to infiltrate Fisk’s finances from within.

Later, Foggy tries to talk to Matt about his appeal to get his license re-instated, but his mind continually turns to the recent murders. In an abandoned warehouse, Tombstone and Taskmaster compares notes on their recent murders, all at the behest of an unknown party. Daredevil observes from above, plotting his next move, when the Punisher suddenly attacks the two criminals. Daredevil leaps into the fray to stop him from killing them and gets a gun butt to the head, allowing Punisher to pursue them into the streets. They hijack a bus which the Punisher tries to blow up; he ends up getting throttled by Tombstone while Taskmaster tries to run down Daredevil.

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