What manner of mortal art thou?
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Matthew Murdock (Earth-616) from Dark Reign The List - Daredevil Vol 1 1 0001.png
Well, my friends call me a real pussycat -- but they may be prejudiced!
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Appearing in "-- If there Should Be a Thunder God!"

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Synopsis for "-- If there Should Be a Thunder God!"

When the Cobra and Mr. Hyde begin a crime spree, Matt decides to try and flush the crooks out by disguising himself as their old foe, the thunder-god Thor. However, he attracts the wrong attention when Thor learns about the ruse and attacks Daredevil for daring to pose as him. After a brief battle (which attracts the attention of the two villains in question) Thor leaves to attend to more important business, warning Daredevil never to pose as him again. Soon after, Daredevil is attacked by Mr. Hyde and the Cobra. During the fight, Mr. Hyde douses Daredevil's eyes with a chemical that would make a normal person blind, it effects Daredevil in a similar way; eliminating his enhanced senses.


  • credits:
    • Hang Loose. Hallowed One!
    • Smilin' Stan Lee and Genial Gene Colan Have Come Up With Another Block-Buster, Aided And Abetted By:
    • J. Tartaglione, Inker & Artie Simek, Letterer

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