Quote1 I am the hunter of souls, Redman! From this moment forth, yours belongs to Calypso! Quote2
-- Calypso

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Synopsis for "Devil Ge Rouge"

Matt Murdock arrives back in NYC, unaware that his Infinity War doppelganger (Hellspawn) is watching from the rooftops above. Finding an intruder in his office, he attacks him only to discover the visitor is a Haitian refugee, Yves Chapoteau, who seeks asylum. Matt is sympathetic and helps him escape from an immigration agent who comes looking for him, though the agent warns Murdock that Chapoteau has been dealing in illegal arms and has dangerous people looking for him.

On the rooftop stands Calypso, with a Haitian zombie, the Nameless One, whom she inherited from her sister after sacrificing her to gain power. She uses the Nameless One to hunt the Haitian refugees, for the bounty on them. She is startled to see a gargoyle seemingly come alive; it is the Hellspawn doppelganger moving to attack Daredevil. She mistakes him for Daredevil himself (knowing DD only from Kraven’s descriptions) and intercepts his attack. She bites its tail off and poisons it, but it continues to attack her, until she uses her Yoruba drums to disorient it, and then slays it with one of its own horns that she broke off. When its body vanishes she believes it was only his evil spirit, meant to give her practice before the real battle.

Meanwhile, Daredevil saves Yves Chapoteau from an attack by Haitian loyalists, only to be attacked again by the Nameless One. Daredevil battles it to a standstill, until it eventually kills itself, rather than continue to be Calypso’s slave. Its body too vanishes, and Daredevil is then confronted by Calypso, disorienting his senses with her drums and eager to kill him.


  • Credits: every creator is jokingly referred to as having Alan as a second name (e.g. Glenn Alan Herdling).
  • Page 30: pinup of Daredevil's doppelganger by Scott McDaniel and Brad Vancata.
  • Page 31: editors "Ralf & Pat" thank summer intern Scott Marshall "for all of his help" and letters page.

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