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Yves Chapoteau, the Haitian refugee, is making a deal for guns with Russian immigrants, when Daredevil attacks, possessed by Calypso. In a flashback, we see his battle with Calypso; after repelling her attack he flees her, but he has already breathed in her poisons. He rushes back to his apartment and removes his costume, then runs into the street deliriously, where his body dies. He is taken to the morgue, where Calypso’s henchmen retrieve his body and take him to her. Calypso performs voodoo rituals and enslaves him to her, making him her zombie slave.

The next morning, Matt wakes up with his senses back, but his body is still pale and marked with Calypso’s veve symbols. At his office, Foggy chastises him for taking the Ives Chaponeau case and says he looks like death. After he leaves, Yves himself comes in, now realizing Murdock has been possessed by Calypso, and says he must confront her in her sanctum where she is keeping his soul.

He is then contacted by the spirit of Brother Voodoo, who tells him Calypso’s true motivation: she collects bounties to raise money for the services of a Haitian magician who can raise Kraven back to life. Daredevil learns he must fight her at noon, when she doesn’t cast a shadow, in order to free his soul. He destroys her magic soul-possessing jars, freeing both himself and the zombie refugees from her control. The refugees attack her en masse, causing the building to collapse.

Later, Matt Murdock witnesses Yves Chaponeau being arrested and prepared for deportation, but Matt promises to work with Amnesty International to aid the plight of the Haitian immigrants. Yves asks what happened to Calypso; Matt says she has a nasty habit of escaping falling buildings. In an epilogue, we see two people digging up someone's grave.


  • Page 30: pinup (which was actually the first sketch of this issue's cover) of Calypso and an entranced Daredevil by Scott McDaniel and Dan Panosian.
  • Page 31: letters page.


  • Daredevil quotes James T. Kirk from Star Trek III with the line "I... Have had... Enough of... You!".

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